20 Sep, Sunday
11° C

REVIEW: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Voodoo, Belfast

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes head to Voodoo to cause some mid-week punk mayhem.

Taking to stage shortly after 8 o’clock, locals Duelists take to stage to play only their fourth show as an outfit. Despite it being early, the crowd is already quite substantial and is encouragingly full of eager faces. Displaying moments of greatness in their short set, the newly formed band do a pretty good job of warming up the intimate venue up. By the time the closing pair of tracks roll around they seem to have found their groove and are able to properly relax and enjoy themselves.

Duellists (6)

Upon hearing my first sound check with incorporated screaming, Dublin band Wounds take to the stage. After beckoning the crowd closer to the tiny stage, chaos ensues almost instantly as the band launch into heavy riffs and hardcore vocals. ‘No Future’ is a perfect example of the Wounds sound and provides plenty of opportunity’s to lose yourself in the sea of movement.

The band prove not to take themselves too seriously but manage to eject plenty of energy into the crowd. Closing track ‘Dead Dead F*****g Dead’ turns out to be the most recognized number of their set with most of the audience chanting along without having to be prompted.

Wounds (11)

As the headliners take to stage the crowd automatically respond with a wall of applause. Bursting into ‘Trouble’ the theme for the night of the night is set instantaneously….insanity. Carter is in the crowd from the offset and manages to literally hang from the ceiling, all before the less than three minute long song has even reached its second chorus. As the baseline of ‘Devil Inside Me’ kicks in the atmosphere in the confines of Voodoo is palpable. Through the course of the track there are more audience members on stage than band members.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes (3)

Finding himself in the middle of the crowd, Carter has a heart to heart with the audience. Telling everyone to spread out and sit down (which nobody hesitates to do), everything gets very emotional during ‘Loss’. Not one audience member breaks their concentration as they become mesmerized by the raw emotion exuding from Carter.

In complete contrast, ‘Juggernaut’ soon gets everything moving again. With the mother of a breakdowns the track invokes more crowd surfing and moshing than you would believe possible in the small space. It’s hard not to have a smile on your face as the crowd and band are completely caught up in the moment, simply just enjoying the music.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes (8)

Not content in feeling left out, lead guitarist Dean Richardson, joins in with the crowd surfing for ‘Paradise’. Managing to play without missing a beat while in mid-air the stunt only gets the crowd more worked up (just in time for 45 second circle pit). Instructing the house lights to be turned up, Carter tells the crowd to have some motivation and keep the pit going for the duration of the short track. Again the crowd are happy to oblige.

The night finishes with ‘I Hate You’. If you haven’t heard it, I urge you give it a listen. In theory the song shouldn’t work but it just does. Once again it’s hard to tell whether Carter is in the crowd or the crowd have just taken over the stage. The track finishes as it started, with one guitar providing a simple chugging riff. The applause is immediate and lasting.

If any crowd members where suffering from mid-week blues they are sure to be well and truly banished…I know mine are!