24 Oct, Saturday
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REVIEW: What’s Wrong Barry? – Past Problems & Future Demons

Continuing the gut punches of guttural, diaphragm-punishing vocals from Problem I, PAST PROBLEMS & FUTURE DEMONS by What’s Wrong Barry carry on in quintessential screamo fashion.

First track, and particular stand out is Embers. A delicious sampling of metal and its myriad sub genres. Breathtaking guitar solos to the elongated, punk-influenced discordant ending note. The changes reminiscent of Metallica’s Battery.

Brace yourself for the break-neck speed segue into the remaining tracks where hardcore and metal collide. The guitar on Bring Your Army and the distortion on Blurred and Broken are particularly noteworthy.

Fans of At the Gates and Carcass will dig this EP. These esophagus shredding vocals are best heard…well, live, I suspect; barring that, crank that mother up.

NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland