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Mudhoney and Bob Log III Play Belfast in June

mudhunneyMudhoney and Bob Log III are to play Belfast’s Black Box on 7th June.

Mudhoney are the living history of American rock, the band that put Seattle on the map even before Nirvana had even started tuning their instruments but that ended up buried under that avalanche of grunge in the nineties.

Formed from the ashes of Green River, the authors of “Touch Me I’m Sick” have spent over twenty years faithful to a monolithic and devastating conception of rock with hints of punk, heavy psychedelia and garage and that, far from resting on their laurels, they have continued adding to their legend with albums such as “My Brother The Cow” and the iconic EP “Superfuzz Bigmuff” with new hits including “The Lucky Ones” and “Vanishing Point” that they recorded in 2013boblog.

Bob Log III is an American slide guitar one-man band. During performances, he plays old Silvertone archtop guitars, wears a full body human cannonball suit, and a motorcycle helmet wired to a telephone receiver, which allows him to devote his hands and feet to guitar and drums. The spectacle has been described as a blues punk guitar dance party. He tours over 150 shows a year in more than 30 countries. Bob Log’s version of quick Delta blues is a continuation of the sound that Bob Log and Thermos pioneered in the duo Doo Rag. The major differences are: greater emphasis on guitar showmanship, fingerpicking, and one-man-band-style drumming with his feet.

Bob Log III was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Arizona. Growing up, Log listened to musical artists such as AC/DC, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Bo Diddley, Hasil Adkins and Chuck Berry, later commenting that “That’s what rock’n’roll is to me. You take a guitar, turn it up, make the ladies dance, and have a good time.” Bob Log got his first guitar at the age of 11, and by the age of 16 he had moved to slide guitar, playing Delta blues, modeling his slide guitar style on that of Mississippi Fred McDowell.

Tiks here for MUDHONEY + BOB LOG III on Tue 07 Jun…

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