21 Jul, Sunday
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Amanda St John – Grow

I have to say, I wouldn’t have classed myself as huge fan of the Soul/Blues genre but after giving these seven tracks a listen I’m definitely swayed in the other direction.

Title track ‘Grow’ kicks off the début album from Belfast singer songwriter Amanda St John. Accompanied with minimal instrumental backing, St John’s soul soaked vocals create immediate intrigue. Chilled out does not begin to describe the vibes that emanate from the track as winds its way through inspirational lyrics and gospel enthused backing vocals.

As far as catchy tracks go, ‘You Blew It’ and ‘Big Strong Man’ prove to be infectious in their nature. The upbeat tracks have a certain playfulness in their melodies making it hard to not to get up and have a little dance along (something that will likely be a regular occurrence when the tracks are preformed live).

Continuing with the soothing tunes, ‘If I Should Fall’ allows any listener to completely lose themselves in the cascading harmonies. Even if the track seems sombre, after a couple of listens it is perhaps the one that sticks in my head the most.  Maybe it’s the sheer honestly the vocals are coated in. Fair warning, anyone who’s recently been through a break up may need to be careful of ‘You’ll Never Change’, both the delivery of the vocals and the musicality radiate raw emotion.

Maybe not an album to listen to everyday, but if you need a half hour to relax picture yourself on a sunny beach, or in comfy chair in front of a fire…grab this album and have a listen, you won’t regret it!