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Interview: Attack the Day

Attack the Day is a band that continues to go from strength to strength and they have shown themselves to be a proven commodity, both on the stage and in the studio.

In 2015, the band released their debut EP ‘Shadows’ to positive reviews which combined with their stellar live performances has given the Fermanagh four piece a reputation of a band to look out for.

Building upon this success, the band is in the process of releasing a new EP in the coming months. On the 2nd of April, I had the opportunity to speak with the lads at the Milltown Manor in Tempo. We spoke about song writing, the release of their upcoming EP, the recording process and the continued search for a replacement guitarist.

You played a gig at Charlie’s Bar recently, how was it?

It was grand; it was definitely one of our best gigs at Charlie’s. We played a new song and it went down well. We didn’t mess up, not even with Omen (Prodigy cover).

Speaking of the new song, you have just recorded an EP. How was the recording process?

Pretty good, so far we have drums, guitar and bass done and we are doing vocals soon. After that, we have to wait for the mixing and mastering and hopefully get it released soon.

You have been recording with Steven Rafferty at Outland Studios. How has your experience been when working with him?

Very good, he’s a cool guy. The experience has been enjoyable and professional; it’s always good to work with new and like-minded people.

How would you compare the current recording process to that of the previous EP?

They have both been fun, but this one has been a lot quicker. We are a lot more practiced, especially with our singer, Daithi who was only in the band a month before we went into the studio. He was still learning songs and reading lyrics in the vocal booth. This time we know the material inside and we are very confident. There has been no messing about.

How would you compare the previous material to the latest that will be featured on your upcoming EP?

Our previous EP had grunge influences, which wasn’t our intent, it just seemed to happen. It was very down tempo, gritty and seemed like material that suited the studio than being seen performed live. We often got compared to Nine Inch Nails and the Northern Irish band Therapy?. The new material is not as dark, with Pop and heavy moments throughout. We experimented with different styles like Funk, Jazz and Groove Metal.

What were your influences when writing the new material?

It might sound bad, but we were influenced by Lost Prophets, but we were also inspired by Maximum the Hormone, Sum 41 and the UK underground scene. When writing the songs this time around, we were influenced by these bands, but the songs changed as time went on. We ripped them apart and built them up, time and time again.

You are currently down one guitarist. How has this affected the dynamic in the band and how has it affected the writing and recording process?

The writing process, not so much; Mark writes the music, while the rest of the band works on the vocals. In the studio, it took longer because Mark had to handle all the guitar parts. When playing live, we have to drop some parts and fill other sections in with distorted bass. On the plus side, it means that we have a lot more room on stage.

How is the search for a new guitarist going?

We have auditioned two guitarists, with another two or three to come in. It’s been hard to find a guitarist who has the same style of playing, but likes most of the same music as we do.


When are you expecting the EP to be released?

It’s not 100% confirmed, but we are hoping to have our EP launch on the 20th of May in McKenna’s Bar in Monaghan. If not, it will be around that date.

Do you have any closing remarks?

If you are interested in playing guitar, don’t be afraid to get in contact with us. Also make sure and check out the EP when it is out.

Thank you for taking time to speak with me.

Thanks for having us, it has been a pleasure.

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