06 Jul, Monday
12° C

Reef with Munday – Limelight, Belfast

Throughout the years there have been bands, singer-songwriters and various kinds of artists that have came and went over time.

Well  on Friday, The Limelight Belfast brought us a multi-million selling Indie Rock band in the form of Reef, and their support for the evening, Munday.

Mundy is an Irish singer-songwriter who has had a string of success in music playing supporting slots for bands like The White Stripes & Oasis, whilst also contributing to the soundtrack for the 1996 movie Romeo + Juliet with his song “To You I Bestow.”

He came onstage and introduced himself dressed like something you would see in a Western or in Texas, with an aura of a well travelled musician just off the back of a world tour, to an audience that was ever growing whilst he played through his set.

From songs like “July” and “In The Doghouse” to the incredible effects filled “10,000 Miles Away”. Mundy has a fast array of talent that was on show tonight and really got the crowd going. As Mundy finished on a high and exited the stage, we began to feel the excitement grow on everyone before Reef graced the stage in Belfast once again.


As soon as the lights went down the atmosphere changed from a casual surrounding to full bolt of lightening as they burst onstage and with energy and power ripped the stage apart.

From start to finish and playing great songs like “Give Me Your Love”, “Naked”, “Ball and Chain” and the ever popular “Place Your Hands” the band tore through a setlist flawlessly.

Every aspect of the show was outstanding from Gary Stringer’s exceptional vocal range to Jack Bessant’s funky bass lines, every piece of music was expertly crafted to capture the audience’s attention and to enjoy from start to finish.

27 years old, keen music lover from a very young age. The atmosphere in live shows is always electric and the buzz that every fan feels when the performer or act hits the stage is just something you cannot feel whilst listening on a radio or iPod.