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Monsters of Rot VI Announced for the 13th of August

On Saturday the 13th of August, the sixth edition of the ‘Monsters of Rot’ festival will take place at the Halfway Inn in Letterbreen, Co Fermanagh. It is proudly sponsored by Apex Music Co and Inish Mac Saint Brewing Co and Irish Metal Archive; with coverage of the event and the lead up to it by Gigging NI.

This year’s installment will feature a line up consisting of Metal, Progressive and Punk bands such as Black Chapels, Oncology, Heel of Achilles, Beware of You, Sense Deficiency, Subordinate, Indominus, War, Iron and Unkindness of Ravens. The headline act for the festival is the Extreme Death Metal band, Thornafire who will be travelling all the way from Santiago, Chile in South America.

Since its inception, the festival has grown from strength to strength, growing in stature and reputation attracting not only locals, but those from Europe as they travel to experience the unique atmosphere of the festival. Overall, the festival attracts hundreds of people and with this year’s instalment looking to build upon this success.

It is a one day event situated only four miles outside of Enniskillen featuring two bars, camping facilities, public toilets and a multitude of catering options; including vegan and vegetarian. Alongside the multitude of talented musical acts, the festival will feature poi artists and stunt performers. It will truly be a high octane and adrenaline filled experience.

Tickets for this one day extravaganza are £15.00/€18.00 which includes the cost of camping. The venue will open at 13:00, with bands performing from 14:00 until 01:00. For further information about this event, please check out the following links: