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one man town

Having released his debut single ‘Cutthroat Desire’ on Monday the 23rd of May, Graham Maree who goes by the moniker ‘One Man Town’ introduces us to his signature styling of rockabilly blues with a modern twist.

Hailing from Donegal, Ireland but currently based in Derry, Maree has steadily been building excitement from recent shows with an increasing fan base and hype around his new release.  ‘Cutthroat Desire’ which is the first song written by Maree when he began his journey as ‘One Man Town’ allows the audience to hear impassioned melodic vocal’s alongside a very authentic kind of blues guitar.

Recruiting well-known local musicians including Stephen Mc Cool (guitar), Robert Arbuckle (Geneva Experiment, bass) and Brian Doherty (Making Monsters, Drummer) the song has shown that despite coming from various backgrounds their musical influences have merged skilfully to create the perfect amalgamation of sounds. ‘Cutthroat Desire’ effectually showcases the band’s aptitude to invoke a melancholy atmosphere without resorting to unnecessary layering and over the top production.

The song which tells us the story of two estranged lovers who metaphorically come to a ‘cutthroat’ end after showing their true colours conjures up strong images of isolation after separating from a partner and is almost like Maree is telling us how ‘One Man Town’ came to be. The simple but effective lyrics alongside Maree’s seductive vocal tone intensifies before being blown away by the crescendoing chorus of “What’s left to love and trust”.

We can expect the rest of Maree’s debut E.P in late June and if it’s anything like his first release it will certainly be worth the wait.


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