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The Circus of Horrors set to dazzle in Belfast

The show that stormed into the finals of Britain’s Got Talent & now a West End smash is back to mark its 21st Anniversary in spectacular style. They perform at the Waterfront Hall on 28th May 2016.

However the origins of the performing career of its creator John Haze can be traced back to Ireland where as an 11 year old boy he stood in a circus ring & learnt to eat fire!

John was born in a circus but then left in a caravan with his mother at only 6 months old, it could be expected that a life in a sawdust ring was not to be, when his father decided to run away & leave Mother & baby to fend for themselves.

Copyright Marc Wheatley.

Copyright Marc Wheatley.

Then 11 years later the court ruled that to avoid maintenance payments they should ‘try again’, and try again they did and John and his father were reunited at Euston railway station. It wasn’t long though and his father got itchy feet & contacted an Irish circus offering their services as Fire Eaters & Fakirs – they got the job. The thing he hadn’t told them though was John could not fire eat, in fact his mother wouldn’t even allow him to light a match let alone eat fire.

Unperturbed they traveled to Ireland & John learnt to fire eat in a day, making his debut that night – a real baptism of fire.

Within 2 years Johns father had gone once more, this time never to be seen again, however John now 14 had sawdust in his veins and stayed in the circus for a further 6 years.

It was only the lure of Rock n Roll that persuaded John to quit the circus & try a new career in music, as time went on though he started to ad more & more theatrics until he created the world wide phenomenon that is the CIRCUS OF HORRORS.

So 46 years since he learnt to fire eat in Ireland he is back with his latest creation CARNIVAL which celebrates 21 year of the wildest show on Earth.

For more information and to book tickets, visit here.


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