25 Sep, Friday
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Smoking Tongue – The Cave Sessions

Recorded with a back to basics approach, The Cave Sessions by Smoking Tongue does not rely on hyper produced antics. Instead lets the music speak for itself.

Smokey, gravelly vocals give this classic Irish rock sound a post grunge resonance. Think Thin Lizzy meets Soundgarden. Polished playing with tight changes with some tidy solos; in particular on Place Your Penny Here, and Breathing through Polythene.


Electric Tremors’ opening guitar notes had me hooked and is my personal favorite track. Caramel Slides cools things down a bit at first, then astonishes with power vocals blasting long hard notes, followed by searing guitar solo.

Boris is the track for bass lovers. Those deep, thumping notes are unmistakable. Pumpkin Boogie features speedier deliveries giving it a twinge of SublimeHits from the Bog, an anthem dedicated to “Mary Jane” does, as expected dip into the stoner rock milieu. I can imagine myself in a basement decked out in black light posters and the music piercing through the clouds of smoke.

This album offers straightforward guitar, bass, drum, and voice, the way rock was intended.



NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland