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Interview: Cousin Boneless and Nomad Mountain Outlaws

On the 10th of June 2016, I had the honour and the privilege to interview North American bands Cousin Boneless and Nomad Mountain Outlaws after their tremendous gig at Charlie’s Bar in Enniskillen. These two bands had toured relentlessly across Europe from the 28th of April to the 18th of June; starting in Spain they trekked across mainland Europe stopping in Spain, Germany, Ireland and most places in between.

Although both bands had a unique identity, their style of music was a beautiful blend of Folk and Americana, which was rounded off with an ample dosage of Punk. They brought the crowd together in a way that I haven’t seen previously, especially at the end of the night when they left the confines of the stage and moved the floor. The crowd surrounded them and it was such an experience to behold. With such a strong vibe and shared roster between the two bands, almost family like, I decided to interview both bands as one collective.



How has the tour been going with you thus far?

Joey “I think we all have a different answer for this, but I think it has all been in the general realm of being good and for me personally, it has been the greatest time of my life. Not only have I grown as an individual, but my band has grown. Inspirational is a word I would use.”

Chris “If I may add, this tour would have gone better if we had stolen a van immediately.”

Everyone laughs and agrees with this statement.


Are there any favourite locations that you have played during the tour?

Jeff I felt that Switzerland was the pinnacle of Capitalism. I really loved it; at the same time it was beautiful, it was also sad.”

Chris “I really liked Enniskillen, because they were the only place that asked me to speak into the microphone.”

Once again everyone laughs.

Joey “I am actually enjoying Ireland because the folks are really friendly; people have been friendly elsewhere, but it seems to be very prevalent in Ireland.”


Can you compare the experience of playing to a home town crows to the crowds you have performed to on tour?

Storm “For our hometown crowd, people know our songs, our dances…”

Chris “They know our tricks!”

Storm “… therefore they know our shit.”

Chris “In this scenario that we just did, playing in Charlie’s Bar we do often; were we came off stage and walked into the crowd. The only distinction is that we usually walk back, but we were like fuck it and stayed.”

Storm “It was involving the crowd more.”

Chris “On tour you get to act in every town, like the shit you do is different.”


How did you decide on your band names?

Chris “Joey and I were touring together and we came up with a bunch of names including Broken Glass Party, Cutest Little Knife, Cousin Boneless and Bootknife. Every night we would have an impromptu band that we named a different thing and we settled on Cousin Boneless; it is sorta taken from the Cartoon Cow and Chicken, but we all know that Cousin Boneless is called that is because it’s my initials… my name is Chris Blake”

Everyone laughs.

Jeff “For Nomad Mountain Outlaws; we came up with the name in the mountains because we are all kinda from the mountains. We all travel a lot, we are really nomadic and we do a lot of really gangsta ass shit.”

Everyone laughs once again.

Joey “That’s actually true, the Outlaws do a lot of crazy ass shit.”

Storm “We’re outlaws, what else do you expect?”


What are your musical influences?

Storm “My Chemical Romance!”

Joey “My Chemical Romance for sure.”

Chris “Be serious though, Jesus.”

Storm “That’s a serious one for me and Joey.”

Chris “You guys don’t get to talk anymore.”

Everyone laughs.

Joe “I don’t really have one in particular. I grew up listening to Hardcore Punk, but I played Trombone for ten years in school; so there’s a Classical, Jazz and Blues background there too.”

Jonny “I definitely think I am more Punk influenced, than Folk influenced. I have been a percussionist for half my life; I just played drums really fast and powerchords really fast. I’m now mixing it up.”

Aydin “For Nomad Mountain Outlaws, it’s more end of the world rapture music; old styles of music in a future tense type way. We are also very much influenced by all our friends; just travelling, having the soul of a rambler. That’s the raw aspect of our music.”


If you had to introduce someone new to your music, can you recommend a few songs or albums from your discography?

Chris “If you’re going to look up Bandcamp, check out Douse and Cruise Control. If you are on Youtube, look up Cruise Control”.

Aydin “Unlike Cousin Boneless, we haven’t really recorded as much as we would like too, but on our debut album check out Weight of Gold, Lovechild, Sweet Chariot and Sank so Low. The studio recordings don’t do it quite justice, but those are a few tracks.”


Do you have any future plans to record or tour?

Joey “Cousin Boneless intends to go back to Pittsburgh eventually someday and play some full on electric music. The Nomad Mountain Outlaws don’t agree with our decision.”

Dallas Sellouts…”

Storm “Let’s not have this discussion.”

Chris “Do you want to record the sound of us wrestling?”

Laugher ensues.

Joey “Cousin Boneless is scheming up another album which is better than anything we have ever done.”

Aydin “The Nomad Outlaws future is unknown, but promising. We all have our things in this life, but we are going to record again soon; we will always tour, it’s our lives.”


Are you okay to speak about the current state of American politics?

Everyone shouts “Bernie Sanders!”


Do you have any closing remarks?

Joey “This has been the coolest fucking thing I have ever done; not only have I been on tour with a band I have been able to see play every day for two months straight, but we have met so many incredible people, we have been to so many beautiful places and I have been blown away by the people and communities that we’ve met. This is literally the coolest thing I have been apart off and I love all you guys for doing this with me.”

Jeff “It has been super inspirational and super fun.”

The gig at Charlie’s Bar had a magnificent and uplifting atmosphere, it was a unique moment in the bar’s history as there hadn’t been a night like this in recent memory. It is my hope that this experience will not only enable both bands to tour Europe once again, but also enable similar bands to perform at Charlie’s Bar; after all, variety is the spice of life.


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