20 Sep, Sunday
15° C

Life Goals – Wreck Less Nature – Between The Lines


Life Goals are a local brand new band from Belfast. They are a lean three piece armed with heartfelt, indie-punk songs.  2016 so far has been spent writing and rehearsing as well as playing their first show in the intimate setting of Belfast theatre The Barracks. Inspired by American punk bands like The Menzingers, PUP and Modern Baseball, they have released their two track debut ‘Wreck Less Nature’ // ‘Between the Lines’.

My overall impression of Life Goals is their time spent rehearsing and writing has served them well. Their recently released singles ‘Wreck Less Nature’ and ‘Between the Lines’ have an unique indie sound.  With a catchy tempo ‘Wreck Less Nature’ you can’t help but tap your feet. Using some quirky harmonies near the end and rugged guitar playing reinforces the indie – punk style.

This band is definitely one to watch and worth many more listens in the future.


There is something special about listening to an album for the first time or listening to live music. The thing I love even better ... writing about it with a cuppa beside me.