28 Jan, Thursday
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Monsters of Rot VI Update

After a long and anticipated wait, it is now just one day until the rot sets in and spreads once again at the Halfway Inn in Letterbreen.

Aside from the talented musicians performing at the festival, there will be a multitude of additional content to keep everyone interested such as poi dancers and demonstrations from Apex Guitar Repairs amongst others.

With this said, there have been some minor changes to the festival line up with ‘Black Chapels’ and ‘Sense Deficiency’ being unable to perform. They have been replaced with ‘Self Stifled’ and ‘Mosmo Strange’ respectively.

Self Stifled are a Punk band from Enniskillen that have been going from strength to strength. They could be best described as a Punk band which melds together the sensibilities of Hardcore, Pop and Metal. This unique blend is on display on their debut EP ‘Sick and Sober’ which features tracks such as ‘I’m just Fine’, ‘Far Away’ and the title track ‘Sick and Sober’.

Mosmo Strange hail from Omagh and are the second coming of Queens of the Stone Age. With powerful and soaring vocals, sludgy guitars and killer hooks they are a band not too miss. They have been consistently releasing material since their inception with their most recent being ‘Stop Building Beaver Dams’ which will be featured in their upcoming ‘Mosmo Tapes’ release.

Tickets are still available for purchase at just £15.00/€18.00 which includes admission to the nearby campsite. These can be purchased on the day of the event at the aforementioned venue.

The schedule for the bands performing at Monsters of Rot VI is as follows;



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