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Rebekah Fitch – Here We Go

Rebekah Fitch, Belfast singer, songwriter is releasing her second single, ‘Here We Go’ on 26th of August 2016. Rebekah is not hanging around after the release of her debut track ‘Stroke of Genius’ in June. With the launch gig at The Pavilion, Belfast on 25th August 2016 with support of Owen Denvir, Rebekah is clearly hitting the ground running. Performing and writing songs from a young age Rebekah is no stranger to the limelight with her first ever solo performance, aged 15, was to a crowd of 1000 people in Belfast’s Ulster Hall.

Here We Go’ reinforces her unmistakable sound from the release of her debut track ‘Stroke of Genius’. Her new song shows the clear ‘pop’ characteristics of Rebekah’s style. This style is clear and unique to Rebekah and she has executed it to a very clean cut standard. ‘Here We Go’ has a rhythm that you cannot help but tap your feet too. With this catchy melody you will have it playing in your head for hours after you hear it, but this is a song you will not mind hearing again and again. Rebekah’s song writing could be seen to be influenced by a wide range of singers such as Lana Del Rey for her soulful tone, Sia and even dare I say Christina Aguilera for the powerful vocal ranges.

Even though the song is about patterns of failure, broken promises to oneself and a lack of self-control. The song’s message, initially about the pressures of being thin and losing weight, is also relevant to many other situations that people might try to break free from, even more serious struggles and addictions. Therefore making it relate-able to a wide range of people for the lyrics.

This girl is definitely one to watch over the next year. If you can remember, that Rebekah is playing at The Pavilion, Belfast on 25th August 2016 with support of Owen Denvir. So don’t just take my word for it,  go and listen to the real deal and hear these musically infectious melodies and rhythms for yourself.

There is something special about listening to an album for the first time or listening to live music. The thing I love even better ... writing about it with a cuppa beside me.