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Tennent’s Vital 2016: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Tennent’s Vital 2016 kicked off with the Dublin based band Otherkin. They put on an energetic crowd pleasing show with their creative riffs and stage presence.

Self-described as grunge pop it’s safe to say they stick true to this new wave of pop genre. The New Vice EP certainly consolidates that this gritty four piece are here to stay. Following their stint at Tennent’s Vital, they’re off to Reading and Leeds Festivals followed by more festivals in mainland Europe.

The second act to grace the stage of Tennent’s Vital were American rockers Cage the Elephant hailing from Kentucky. ‘Cry Baby’ was the song they chose to open the set; similarly this song also is the opening track on their latest album Tell Me I’m Pretty. It’s hard to compare Cage The Elephant to anyone else because their completely in a league of their own however, it is clear that they are influenced by a great variety of artists.

Perhaps the best moment of their set was when they united the majority of the growing crowd with the one track that everybody knew, ‘Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked’ definitely one of their more radio friendly songs, however with the release of ‘Trouble’ from their latest album it’s inevitable to become one of the most popular alternative songs on the radio.


Labrinth brought a completely new vibe to Tennent’s Vital. Playing some of radios best known hits from Tinie Tempah’s ‘Pass Out’ which originally featured Labrinth and also won the 2011 best British Single at the Brit Awards to his own ‘Earthquake’ which originally débuted at #2 in the UK Single Chart. He also mixed a lot of his less known new material into his set which I’m sure has left a lot of people curious to hear his new sound and appreciate his musical creativity.

The penultimate act was the long awaited for Fall Out Boy whom the crowd went mad for, as clearly for many people it was the highlight of their Tennent’s Vital experience. They burst onto stage with their track ‘The Phoenix’ from their 2013 award-winning album Save Rock and Roll. Hailing from Chicago Fall Out Boy proceeded to perform a variety of their older more ‘emo-pop’ hits which all of the crowd happily sang along with.


However they made sure to include a good variety of their newer songs with many tracks of their latest album American Beauty/American Psycho being performed. Personally my highlight of the long-awaited Fall Out Boy set was both their classic tune ‘Dance, Dance’ but also ‘Centuries’ from their latest album alongside Alone Together’ from their Save Rock and Roll album. They managed to unite the whole crowd with their riffs, Patrick Stump’s flawless vocals and their crowd interaction. However, nothing less would be expected of the Kings of Pop Punk.

The long anticipated funk rockers, Red Hot Chili Peppers created an electric atmosphere by teasing the crowd with their insane guitar riffs and technical drum rolls before frontman and lead vocalist Anthony Kiedis burst into RHCP’s hit song ‘Can’t Stop’ which got the crowd unbelievably excited.

Following this and their musical improvisation between songs they jumped in to the ultimate crowd-pleaser ‘Dani California’ on of their most popular riff infused tracks with an unforgettable rhythm. They continued their highly technical show with some of their greatest hits including ‘Snow (Hey Oh)’ and ‘The Otherside’ with their perfect musical ability consisted of their expectional guitar playing and Kiedis’ gritty vocals.


Fan favourite ‘Californication’ and ‘By the Way’ were some of final songs played by the extremely talented alternative American Rockers. Before completely closing the first day of Tennent’s Vital 2016 they came back for an encore of ‘Give it Away’. It was at this moment that an exceptional thing happened. The weather had been perfect all day – both sunny and warm but as the Red Hot Chili Peppers closed their set the heaven’s opened and the rain pelted down causing everyone to get soaked. It was an extremely energetic set and you could tell that every person on that stage enjoyed what they were doing while every member of the crowd was extremely grateful for the show they were being treated to. Kelly Thompson,

Tennent's Vital: RHCP

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