25 Oct, Sunday
9° C

The Flims – Scuttlebutt

I was so enamored with The Flims’ debut EP – Life Outside the Womb—I was keen to hear more. Their second EP – Scuttlebutt certainly lives up to expectation. On title track, Scuttlebutt bass and drum lead this pop-punk charge, followed by a blast of Nirvana-influenced vocals. At the change bass and guitar duel it out.

Sucks to be You, despite the cheeky title, is a sophisticated collection of musical changes performed with proficient musicianship. Pencil Jester is the playful break in this lineup. And 22’s quintessential post-punk sound is all about guitar and drum.

Though there still could be comparisons drawn with the likes of The Kooks and Arctic Monkeys, the Flims’ second offering hones the band’s sound as distinctly their own.

NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland