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Joe Fox announces headline show at Voodoo

London based singer-songwriter, Joe Fox is pleased to announce a Belfast headline show on Friday 4th November 2016 at Voodoo.

Joe’s EP, released on the Blue Flowers label, is called “Acoustic Alley Sessions”. The first song on the EP is entitled “Like Jesus”. We’ll leave it to you to judge its merits.

The Acoustic Alley Sessions EP, is an introduction to Joe Fox the same way he began making and selling his music: alone with a guitar. As he puts it, “these songs are lifeblood. The first song he played for Rocky, “Listen Up Katie,” is on the record, along with other songs that date back to his busking days. ‘Radio’ is a dizzying, sweet love song with a chorus that pierces; ‘Head Down Low,’ meanwhile, taps into a more menacing voice, warning of the perils of inner city life.

Acoustic Alley Sessions exposes Fox’s blisteringly honest songwriting style and raw, blues tinged voice. Some tracks, such as the haunting opener ‘Like Jesus,’ deal with the strangeness of being newly thrust into the spotlight. “Among my old friends, there was a sense of real jealousy,” he says, describing what it was like to return to London after touring America. The song is a defiant anthem, warning: Work out who is worth you/ Cause theyre all gonna hurt you.‘Autopilot,’ too, deals with fake friends. The chorus, Everybody loves you when youre rich and famous, was written when Fox was living in L.A. and getting a surreal insight into Hollywood life. “No one Rocky introduced me to had ever taken the bus really,” he explains. “I used to secretly — because I didn’t want to look like a weirdo to them — take the bus all the way down to Santa Monica. And I just had that chorus going around in my head.”

“I write completely alone,” says Joe. “I usually just get a compulsion to write. I’ll be in the middle of something, and be like, ‘Fuck. I have to go.’” He laughs — because it is phenomenal, to see how that compulsive passion has somehow led him to where he is, against all odds. “It’s like a profitable madness. I didn’t know it was profitable until now. Before all this, it was just a madness.”

Tickets on sale Tuesday September 20th at 9am – buy yours here.

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