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Primal Scream to play at the Limelight this December

Scottish Rock legends Primal Scream have announced a headline Belfast show at The Limelight 1 on Thursday 01st December 2016.

In an old black and white photograph, Bobby Gillespie is clutching an aerosol spray, grinning at the product of his handiwork now emblazoned on the jet plane behind him, which reads: “Primal Scream …. Know What I Mean”. No question mark, it’s something more like an invitation, meant for those who want to believe, written in the different colours of rock’n’roll, dub, electronica, the purest pop and more.

Spin that kaleidoscope, and the new Scream record Chaosmosis is everything anyone might wish for and then more. It’s quite possibly the freest-sounding album the band have ever made (and this 11th studio effort in the better part of three decades) – 10 songs by turns angry and euphoric, personal and political, sounding like the distillation of so much that has come before plus a shot into the future. Opener Trippin’ On Your Love arrives with a drum loop and Duffy’s keyboards, then blasts into untrammeled ecstasy, picking up from It’s Alright, It’s Ok, the last track on 2013’s More Light. Backing vocals come from Danielle, Este and Alana of Haim, friends with the Scream since playing with them at Glastonbury two summers ago. “It’s pure love,” says Gillespie of the song.

Recorded in London, New York and Stockholm and written and produced by Gillespie and Andrew Innes, the album soon shades into darker territory, but the process of making it was quicker and easier than it’s ever been for the Scream.

“I think we’re getting better at writing songs and more confident and less self-conscious,” says Gillespie. “We’re better at letting things flow. Whereas 20 years ago,” – around the time of that old b&w photo –  “it was fucking painful trying to make a Primal Scream record, it was like hell. I’m clearer-headed now, I’m better expressing my feelings and what I want to say. I’m trying to make sense of my life, of the the world, and I’m trying to put it into a pop song.”

Tickets on sale Friday September 16th at 9am.

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