26 Nov, Thursday
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The Sandrunners – The King of the Screen

The first time I heard this band I was impressed by the versatility of sound and the myriad of instruments played. This awe still stands. This album is an audiophile’s delight. Though a fair amount of genre-hopping, the main thread throughout has a bluesy tinge.

Peeling at the Edges has a spiritual, Leonard Cohen thing going on. Reminds me a great deal of the classic, Alleluia. Speakeasy Polka as well as the title track, The King of the Screen transport the listener to the back alley cafes of 1930’s Montmartre, or possibly the same era in the bayou country of Louisiana with some Cajun twists and turns via accordion, fiddle, and guitar. The King of the Screen’s gravelly crooning with accompanying subtle horns and unassuming brush of cymbals illustrates this picture to perfection. It’s also my personal favorite.

Who Are You, Who Am I as well as Hold Your Head Up uphold this blues tinted sound, with a bluegrass slant on Hold Your Head Up. Both tracks a touch folksy in nature.

A multitalented bunch, with exceptional musical prowess and influences The Sandrunners sound cannot easily be defined. As I mentioned before in a previous review, you’re just going to have to listen for yourself. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland