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Interview: Dan Owen

We are living within another golden decade of impressive singer-songwriters and with the massive successes of Ed Sheeran, Passenger and Hozier, the trend doesn’t seem to be ending soon. Step forward, Dan Owen.

In 2013, BBC described him as a ‘voice beyond his years’ which granted him an appearance at Glastonbury in June that year. He went on to gain further recognition in an unusual way, not through his own doing via Reddit. With the release of his new single ‘Made To Love You’, I believe in a few years this man may be up there with the best.

Before Dan Owen performs in McHugh’s Basement this December, I spoke with him about his past and his upcoming Belfast trip.

Mark: A Shrewsbury singer/songwriter to most but can you describe more about the man behind the guitar?

Dan: “I’d say there’s not much more to it than you’ve already said – a guy from a small town who grew up playing and now writes music and gets to travel around the world playing songs and has no intention of ever stopping! I also like to brew my own cider and go fishing when I can but the occasions are getting pretty rare.”

GNI: So is the story true that you have a friend to thank for your Reddit fame and a good solid kickstart to your career?

Dan: “Yeah it is – it all happened after we were jamming in a local pub and she went home and put one of my videos up on Reddit [Bob Dylan’s The Ballad of Hollis Brown] and called me in the morning saying I NEED to look on YouTube, I didn’t believe her at first but the views just kept going up and up.”

GNI: You released your single ‘Made To Love You’ and it’s already done quite well across several different countries. How does it feel to reach fans across the world?

D: “It’s amazing to be getting messages from people all over the world telling me how they feel connected to the song and in some cases even how it has helped them through a tough time. That feels truly great. Being able to go out and gig and meet these people is what I feel it’s all about.”


GNI: Do you have any ambitions/goals as an artist? Would you like to play in a certain place or festival?

D: “I love playing small shows and big shows for different reasons. I still find it amazing that people even come out specifically to see me play.

“If we are talking about BIG dreams, I would love to be able to play the main stage at Glastonbury one day!”

GNI: You are playing in Belfast, Northern Ireland this December. Will this be your first time in Belfast? Is there anything you’re looking forward to doing or seeing?

D:It will be my second time in Belfast and the last time ended with a very late jam in a pub with a fair few pints of Guinness so hopefully something similar will happen this time! The people in Ireland are great, it feels like a very musical place and very welcoming.”

Dan Owen will play at McHugh’s Basement, Belfast on Tuesday 13th December. Tickets are available for purchase here priced £11.25.

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