29 Feb, Saturday
4° C

Les Pantalons – Debut EP

Newly formed, local Belfast band Les Pantalons have just released their debut EP.  If I had to sum these three songs in one word it is simply ‘wow’.

The EP kicks off with the song “Cold Ground”. The intro is something that the band Cage The Elephant would be proud to have on their album. It is ominous, Gothic and postmodern. The understated acoustic guitar comes in alongside beautifully melancholic vocals. Throughout the song there is a fantastic echo of the vocals with the odd pause that adds a real sense of depth to the song. As soon as I first heard this song I was very excited to see what this band had to offer.

The second song is the wonderfully dark “Do You Believe”. The intro to this is very different as the guitar and simple drumming is very much at the forefront. The acoustic guitar is always heard in the background and becomes much more prominent as the song progresses. From about two minutes in, the song gains a real urgency to it as every instrument gets that much louder hinting at a climax that then immediately calms down.  This is wonderfully done and nearly has you sitting on the edge of your sea.  We are then reintroduced to raw vocals that, for me, just bring everything together.

The third and final song “Jose” begins with an old sounding piano and guitar. It continues the melancholic theme that is so prominent in this EP. The acoustic guitar, as always, is beautifully in the background. The song very much reminded me of Cage The Elephant’s ‘Cold Cold Cold’ mixed with Arctic Monkeys and a hint of Nina Simone’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine.

I cannot stress enough that I find it very hard to believe this EP is the bands debut as it is so polished. The lyrics are wonderfully dark; every instrument works in perfect harmony with one another and the vocals just bring it all together. I cannot wait to see what else Les Pantalons has to offer and I very much hope they start playing live gigs soon.

London girl in Belfast. I was born to live in the Seventies and I am obsessed with Stevie Nicks.