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Pierce the Veil - Belfast

Review: Pierce the Veil – Mandela Hall, Belfast

Sunday evening’s gig kicked off with support from horror punk band Creeper, hailing from Southampton, England. Their uptempo beat songs alongside catchy riffs attracted the attention of the crowd and it was evident that there were many of their fans in the audience.

Will Gould’s intense vocals stay true to the original roots of punk, alongside their whole appearance and vibe as a band. It’s truly refreshing to see a new band of this genre with a debut album on the horizon and definitely attributing their own spin to the come-back of the punk scene. The aforementioned album ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ is due to be released on March 24th, 2017.

Creeper - Pierce the Veil - Belfastletlive. were next on stage and immediately Jason Butler’s stage presence captivated the whole crowd and they kicked off their set list with Renegade 86’ from their album Fake History. The catchy riff and beat, evident in all their tracks, had the whole crowd jumping and Jason fed of their energy, deciding jump into the crowd and perform while crowd surfing- something only he could achieve flawlessly.

They performed some of their recent tracks in conjunction with their older stuff. Since joining the band in 2013, their drummer, Lionel Robinson, has added a new dynamic to the band. His talent and ability to perform each track so effortlessly highlights how he’s really added to the live performances of the band. Alongside spending much of the gig in the audience, lead vocalist Jason Butler, decided to climb the railing on top of the stage and perform while hanging upside down. I sincerely believe it won’t be long before we see letlive. headlining their own tour over here.

letlive - Pierce The Veil - Belfast

After two dynamic opening acts, Pierce The Veil burst onto stage to perform their intro track ‘Dive In,’ which is also the opening track for their latest album- Misadventures. The crowd were absolutely ecstatic and jumped along with the band, who were one of the most energetic acts to perform at the Mandela Hall.

All members of this band are extremely talented, in regards to playing live, and managed to flawlessly open to show to a bunch of screaming fans. Throughout the set, they played a variety of older and new songs which appeased the varying age range of fans in the crowd. Some of the tracks from the latest album had an overwhelming response from fans, including the track Texas is Forever, one of the heavier tracks with a catchy riff and heavy drum beat which worked in contrast to Vic Funtes’ lead vocals.

Pierce the Veil - Belfast

The crowd responded to another track called Floral & Fading, which is a completely different sound to what we normally expect from Pierce the Veil. When I spoke to Jaime before the show, the bassist, he said it all started with the riff of the song which they loved and the rest of the track was built around this. He also explained that they’d left the track sitting for some time and it’s an untypical Pierce the Veil song. However it was reflected in the show that the risk of putting it on the album had paid off as fans loved it. Hold on till May, a slightly older track which can be played either acoustically or slightly heavier, was a key moment of the show. In fact, due to them playing it slightly heavier, it was somewhat difficult to hear the lead vocals as the crowd had definitely taken over singing the song, something which the guys seemed to feed off.

Pierce the Veil - Belfast

For their encore, they performed what I consider to be the most catchy track of Misadventures- Circles. The track creates a gradual built up, alongside slightly softer, yet gritty, vocals which then progress into something heavier with the chorus of the track. As with many of their songs, there’s still that vibe which hasn’t been lost over the years highlighting that they’re still PTV and they’re proud of their sound. This song has everything and is a perfect way to summarize their sound as a band.

To end the show, they finished with the track which catapulted them to the top of their genre – King For A Day, originally featuring Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens. However, they didn’t need anyone to perform alongside them as when Vic accidentally knocked the microphone of stage, the crowd were able to perform the song perfectly. After stealing Jaime’s mic, Vic burst back into the track – the crowd still able to sing alongside him creating an electric atmosphere. The band are flawless and I’m sure everyone who attended the concert hopes to see them back in Ireland in the near future.

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Pierce the Veil

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