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Phil Rudd Band - Limelight 2, Belfast

Phil Rudd Band set for intimate Limelight 2 show

Phil Rudd Band, featuring AC/DC’s most established drummer, will play an intimate show at The Limelight 2, Belfast on Saturday 24th June.

The veteran musician has appeared on all but three of AC/DC’s 18 studio albums, which have sold more than 200 million copies worldwide. Drumming peers from Kenny Aronoff (drummer for John Mellencamp) describes him as “the rock drummer” to Eric Singer of Kiss singing Phil Rudd’s praises “the heart and soul of AC/DC.”

The Australian drummer played in several Melbourne bands, such as Buster Brown and the Coloured Balls, before joining up with rock giants AC/DC in 1975.

Over the next four years Rudd powered the band to superstardom with his dogged consistency and unshakeable backbeat on classics like “It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Want To Rock ’N’ Roll)” “T.N.T” and “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.” Phil Rudd is an indelible part of AC/DC history.

Rudd said he ‘‘went straight down the road to buy my first Ferrari’’ after the block busting epic album Highway to Hell went multi-platinum Worldwide.

To the inexperienced, Phil Rudd’s drumming may seem rudimentary. But his unselfish style and humongous groove have earned him the adoration of generations of drummers. Rammstein’s Christoph Schneider said in the October 2010 Modern Drummer, “AC/DC were my absolute heroes because they are simple and easy to copy—though soon you find they are not so easy to copy.”

The former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was desperately missed on recent tours so much so Cliff Williams long standing bassist is retiring from AC/DC citing the fact he missed both Phil Rudd & Malcolm Young.

Phil Rudd during 2014 recorded and released his first debut album Head Job with Kiwi musicians Allan Badger and Geoffrey Martin. The release of Head Job via Universal Music Group only took place in Australia & New Zealand. However the promotion plans for Head Job were scuppered by well publicised legal problems in New Zealand.

“I couldn’t be bloody happier with Head Job, to tell you the truth” Phil told Libel Music. “I’m so proud of the album, everything I had to do with it. The guys played really well on it, it’s just too good. Really great, mate… I’m pretty happy with the drum sound”

With recent well publicised problems (which ended up in Phil Rudd serving a 8 month home detention sentence ) naturally thwarted the 2014 release of Head Job. Phil is determined to leave all his problems behind him and is very focused on a positive life style. He will be visiting the UK and Europe on promotion for the Head Job re-release.

“My hell raising days are over” [Inspired by Sir John Kirwan the All Black Rugby Legend] “I see a psychiatrist once a week and I’m closer than ever to my children. I still have all my flash cars but now I want to grow chillies”

Phil Rudd has turned a corner and completely dedicated his life to the more important things in his life including family , friends and music.

Phil Rudd Band will performing tracks from his solo album ‘Head Job’ along with AC/DC hits that many fans worldwide have known him for throughout his 30 years with the band.

Tickets on sale this Wednesday 25th January at 9.00am – buy yours here.

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