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Emmet McGonagle - The Blame EP

Emmet McGonagle – ‘The Blame’ EP

Having had much success with his first EP ‘Marigold’ local musician Emmet McGonagle has released his new EP ‘Blame Me’ It is clear that Emmet has went from strength to strength and has produced an EP that can only be described as hauntingly beautiful.

The most striking element to the whole album is the lyrics. Each song is full of heartbreaking lyrics that you expect to hear in songs by artists like Damien Rice. The album starts of with ‘Better off Alone’ which tells the story of a relationship that is coming to an end. With lyrics such as “I’d been wishing you would go if it hurts to much to stay” and “I’ve been waiting for a better chance to tell you i’d be better of alone”, you are automatically pulled into the story and can relate it back to your own past experiences.

The album then leads into “No-One Likes the Good Guys These Days” before coming to the third song ‘Insomnia‘ – my favourite. This is one of those songs that you can just play on repeat all day and never get bored of. It is such a simple song but unbelievably beautiful. There is no unnecessary instrumental parts, no fancy guitar work, just Emmet singing to a melody that is almost hypnotic. I feel like the whole song has a Jake Bugg sound to it which I really like. Again, the lyrics are something to be admired, “Say love I’ve had enough of hopeless days and wasted nights” and “I’m tired, help me get to sleep or leave.” Near the end of the song Emmet sings with pure emotion and passion that his heartbreak almost becomes yours. A fantastic song that I think will be a favourite for many.

The entire EP is one of heartbreak, failed relationships and all the feelings that come with that – sadness, despair and frustration. All of which Emmet so clearly shows in each song. The raw emotion that he sings with means that his feeling, all of a sudden, becomes yours. I think that is a sign of a truly great artist. If the listener feels the emotion of the artist and is pulled into their story, then the artist has most definitely done something right. I highly recommend ‘The Blame‘ and cant wait to hear of upcoming gigs to hear these songs played live.

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