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The Sherlocks on writing, Sheffield and 2017 tour

Sheffield rock band The Sherlocks will be playing Voodoo in Belfast on 14th February. They’ve recently started their UK wide tour so we were pleased they took they time out of their busy schedule to chat to us.

The band has been extremely busy over the past two years. They have played Reading and Leeds festival, received airplay from some of BBC’s biggest names such as Annie Mac, Greg James and Steve Lamacq and they also played one of the biggest music festivals in the world, the South by Southwest Music and Media Conference (SXSW) in Texas. 2016 ended on a high for the lads when they were signed by Infectious Music in December.

It is safe to say The Sherlocks don’t seem to slowing down any time soon and are truly making their mark in the music industry.

GNI: So 2016 was a huge year for you guys. You played Texas and won the coveted approval of Radio 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq. What was the main highlight of the year for you?

Kiaran: I would say probably getting signed. it is something we’ve wanted to achieve for a long while Since we were going as a band we wanted to get signed to a good label. It’s a good label that cares and it’s not just a business, there is actual care for the band and we’ve still got control over everything.

GNI: You’ve been compared to the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs but where do you get your musical influences from?

Kiaran: I would say any really good guitar bands really, that’s what we’re into. Both old and new; mainly old I’d say. Bands like The Clash, The Jam and bands like that really.

GNI: Irish crowds are well known for being loud and energetic. Are you nervous about playing in Dublin or Belfast at all?

Kiaran: No definitely not, we’re excited more than anything. We can’t wait to get over there and smash it. Can’t wait.

GNI: So the music scene in Belfast is very up and coming with new bands sprouting up nearly every week and constant gigs around the city. What is the music scene like in Sheffield?

Kiaran: It is really good. Over the past few years it has really picked up with new bands emerging. People that start up bands and gigging spurs on other bands on to start and before you know it you’ve got a music scene. We’ll not take full credit for it but before we started the music scene was quite quiet. There were a few bands knocking about but guitar bands weren’t really a thing. When we emerged I think it gave bands the confidence to get out there and now it’s got a good scene.

GNI: Is there main songwriter in the band or do you all sort of pitch in? What’s your writing process if you have one?

Kiaran: I write the songs on an acoustic and bring it to band practice really and we all sort of bash it out and pitch in as long as it takes.

GNI: I’m sure you’re sick of answering this but what are your plans for 2017? If the past two years are anything to go by it’s going to be pretty hectic.

Kiaran: We’re currently on tour so we’re going to finish this tour which is the main focus at the minute. We want to promote this new single and take it as it comes. We have set plans but they always end up changing when you get a better idea and you’ve got to go with what works. It hopefully shouldn’t be too long before we get some European tour dates like France and places like that.

Check out The Sherlocks at Voodoo on 14th February.

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