28 Sep, Monday
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nordstorm - Arvo Party

Nørdstrøm – Avro Party

Nørdstrøm by Belfast’s Arvo Party is a collection of electronic orchestration resulting in an eclectic mix of beautiful narratives. Each track telling its own tale.

A synthesized instrumental taking the listener from velvet starlight skies to ripples on the sea, from outer space back down to the dancefloor. Chevy Chase is one such dance track that undeniably gets the blood pumping.

Project 8 – Roswell harkens back to 80’s synth pop complete with newsreel sampling that segues into anxious, spacey swells.

Title track, Nørdstrøm recalls waves rippling on a calm sea; whereas Yestes, still in that cool blue adds some smooth jazz flourishes. And Hyrule Nights, my personal favorite, an undemanding musical meditation.

Not quite techno and not quite German trance music, but convening somewhere in between, this is an altogether intriguing record destined to be played again and again.



NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland