26 Aug, Monday
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Pine Barrens – Whatever Makes It Better

Following the release of their debut single “Rita”, Pine Barrens have been busy with their second single ‘Whatever Makes It Better’.

The intro to the single is very reminiscent of The Clash mixed with Oasis.  They keep it very upbeat without making it sound overtly positive.

They have very cleverly juxtaposed an upbeat tempo with a tone of melancholy.   The distinctive husky vocals that are reminiscent of John Mellencamp were flawless alongside the heavy drums and impressive guitaring and strong bassline.

Yet again, Pine Barrens are creeping into the Belfast music scene.  Let’s see what the next few months bring for the lads.



London girl in Belfast. I was born to live in the Seventies and I am obsessed with Stevie Nicks.