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Review: The Pigeon Detectives – Limelight, Belfast

The Pigeon Detectives new album Broken Glances dropped on 24th February which caused a huge excitement for their new tour.  The guys played Limelight on Thursday night and they certainly did not disappoint.  They showed us all why we have been following them since the days of Wait For Me.

 The night opened with Derry singer Rosborough.  The venue was relatively quiet at this point but that did not stop Rosborough from giving it his absolute all.   He played an array of his tracks including ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Another Lesson’.  Rosborough’s voice throughout the set was nothing short of amazing and enticed the audience from the first song.  He hit every single high note flawlessly and could be compared to the likes of David Coverdale.

There was crowd interaction throughout the set in which he stated he is halfway through recording his debut album.  I for one will be waiting eagerly for its release as his set was flawless.

The Pigeon Detectives have been on an incredible journey after rising to fame in 2007.  They have so many gems that you can guarantee if someone plays one of their tracks at a party everybody will quickly be singing their hearts out.

The lights went down in the room as there was an incredible eagerness as we awaited the lads to come on stage.  They sauntered on as casually as you’d expect and waved at the crowd as they thanked us for being there.  They opened their set with ‘Enemy Lines’ from Broken Glances.  From the get go Matt was incredibly energetic as he was up on a ledge on the stage singing over the audience.

This led into the next track ‘This is an Emergency’; the debut song on the album Emergency.  Matt was as energetic as before as he jumped around and flung the microphone around in a very Roger Daltrey manner before pouring water over himself (this was more than likely a necessity).

The enthusiasm throughout the set wasn’t limited to Matt, all the band members were incredibly passionate and seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves.  They played a variety of their tracks both classic and newer.  The new album is very different to their previous releases but they managed to juxtapose the old and the new perfectly.

They played some incredible crowd pleasers including ‘Animal’, ‘Done in Secret’ and ‘Making up Numbers’.  Everyone was going crazy singing along and Matt could keep up his energy throughout every single track.  I found his ACDC t-shirt very ironic as his stage presence is comparable to the likes of Angus Young.

Not only was he chatting in between songs, but throughout the set he proceeded to take phones when people were filming and get photos of the band on stage.  This fuelled so much excitement as there was an incredible sense of comradery between the band as well as the audience.


The Pigeon Detectives have never been known for being boring or conventional.  This status was reiterated at the end of the gig as they refused to go off stage and appear back on for an encore saying it was “a bit awkward and a bit pretentious”.  They remained on stage and fist bumped the crowd whilst they played ‘I’m Not Gonna Take This’ from Emergency.  Their final song was none other than the much loved ‘I’m Not Sorry’, there was no way they could play a show and not play the classic track.

From start to finish the entire night was flawless.  Rosborough set the tone perfectly for the night as he demonstrated his incredibly strong vocals don’t need a big band behind him, he can hold his own.  The Pigeon Detectives were everything we expected and more.  One phrase that Matt said stuck with me “Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid”.  This perfectly sums up the night as everyone let themselves go and enjoyed themselves.

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The Pigeon Detectives 03.03.2017

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