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Review: Black Chapels – Dying Breed

I have to say this was a tricky one.

Title track Dying Breed set me up to believe I was in for a rousing, throbbing, guttural metal album. I was ready for it. But then each consecutive track played and I had to keep checking I was listening to the same band.

There is metal to be sure, and some hues of grunge; but then the genres, like chameleons, changes with each track. There’s pop rock, a bit of emo, thrash metal, some classic rock and punk riffs.

Comparisons could be made to artists such as Iggy Pop, Foo Fighters and Nine Inch Nails.

Changing Faces relies on tried and true hard rock riffs, with an impressive change featuring grinding bass and searing guitar.

Echoes, vocally borrows from the emo palate, while bass, guitar, and drum remain firmly in the metal milieu.

Thatcher 2.0 abrasive lyrics, social relevance, and driving beats harkens back to Sex Pistols.

Lighting Candles and My Religion are the most pop rock tracks in this collection.

Alternative rock would be the best umbrella term for this band. They’re rockers for certain.

Sometimes the lighter shades of pop rock, sometimes the mosh pit, sometimes head banging thrash metal.

Clever lyrics and apt musicianship shine throughout this kamikaze of sounds and styles.

NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland