19 Aug, Monday
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Newt- Not Around

Review: Newt – Not Around EP

Newt are a five piece rock band from our very own Northern Ireland.  Having performed many gigs over the past few years the guys have just dropped their debut EP titled ‘Not Around’

The title track ‘Not Around’ is a stand out single with heavy guitar riffs and slaker-ish vocals which will most definitely catch the listeners attention.

The second song on the EP ‘ On the Edge’ is a real party anthem.  Loaded with catchy melodies, a heavy beat and sing along lyrics, this is one of those songs that you turn the volume right up when it comes on.

The EP ends with the song Dance which is most definitely what you will want to do when this one comes on.  It is a really fun song with a good party vibe to it.

Newt have definitely burst onto the music scene with a statement. Not Around is bold, vigorous and one to crank right up.  These guys are definitely a band to watch.

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