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Part Time Pilots- Flashing Lights

Review: Part Time Pilots- Flashing Lights

Local rock band ‘Part Time Pilots’ are back with another gripping single. Forming in 2012 the band have continued to grow in success over the years building a cult following. With two albums under their belt and a third one on the way, songs like ‘Flashing Lights‘ reminds us why the band are so popular on the local music scene.

Part Time Pilots are known for their rock anthems that shed a light on many relatable issues. Their latest song looks at the issue of gambling and how it can effect a persons way of thinking. The song follows an individual who gets sucked into the attraction of gambling. Lyrics such as, “what’s a 5 when it’s a 10, it’s all over and then I’m talking to voices in my head” show how a person justifies their actions and how they struggle with that inner voice. As the song continues the protagonists journey begins to take a downward spiral as the reality of a gambling addiction begins to kick in. One line in particular, “some people never going to know how low gets lower than low” gives an insight to just how bad things can get when a person is in this position.

The video for the track brings the lyrics to life. The flashing lights at the beginning draw the audience in just like the lights of a casino appeal to a person with a gambling addiction. As we follow the journey we begin to see the downward spiral, the reality of the issue and the frustrations that come with that.

All in all ‘Flashing Lights’ is an extremely catchy rock song.  The tempo and heaviness of the song almost matches the frustration and panic that goes on inside an addicts head. The song doesn’t have quite the same punk sound as some of their previous work. Instead, the band’s latest single has a more generic rock sound that makes it radio friendly and is definitely one of those songs that you turn up when it comes on. Great work from an excellent band!

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