17 Jan, Sunday
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Pine the Pilcrow- Dahlia

Review: Pine the Pilcrow- Dahlia

Pine the Pilcrow are a three piece Dublin band forming in 2015.  Having released their debut album last year they have received a wealth of praise ever since.  The band are now back with their latest single ‘Dahlia‘ which can only be described as an absolute gem for any music lover.

The song opens up with hushed vocals and a gentle piano which sets the mood for most of the track.  From the moment the vocals kick in there is a real calming effect that takes place whilst stimulating an atmospheric feel. The soft hypnotic harmonies throughout turn this song into a beautiful piece of music in which you can easily get lost in.

As the song progresses the tension builds as the inevitable drama unfolds within the lyrics. By the time we get to the bridge the progressive loudness of the strings, piano and vocals turn into something almost euphoric to the point where you are not quite sure if you have been healed or heartbroken by it.   The mournful piano and soft strings really highlight how much the instrumentation leads the song.

Whilst Pine the Pilcrow are a relatively new band their sound is familiar and comfortable, think along the lines of ‘The Frames’ and ‘Lisa Hannigan’. With elements of traditional music and sheer poetic lyrics it produces a sound in which you feel safe. Listening to ‘Dahlia’ I just wanted to be wrapped up in a blanket, drinking tea and really listen to the instruments, the melody and the lyrics.   The song is beautiful.  I am really excited to see what Pine the Pilcrow get up to in the next few months as I am certain they will go very far.  I urge everyone to give their EP a listen.  It has been on a constant loop for me the past few days and every single song is nothing less than stunning.

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