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Isobel Anderson - Feed Me- Music Video

Isobel Anderson shares ‘Feed Me’ video

Belfast-based artist Isobel Anderson has shared her dark and playful video for Feed Me. Highlighting some of the complex issues in manipulative relationships, Isobel adopts the role of the abuser in this captivatingly eerie affair.

Feed Me is the second track taken from Isobel’s new studio album CHALK / FLINT, out June 2. The single is inspired by Glasgow based artist Rachel Maclean’s video piece of the same title. With lo-fi guitar production, dense electronic harmonies, earthy clarinets and thumping synth, the Feed Me video embodies these sonics. Isobel speaks of the single:

“The track’s central character opens with a sweet and soothing apology, which, by the first chorus has descended into a declaration of desperation and desire, exposing the psychologies behind abusive relationships. The song moves through familiar cycles of apologies, faulty reasoning, blame and finally predatory desire, all interlaced with sweetness and light.” – Isobel Anderson

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