11 Jul, Saturday
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Part Time Pilots - Pandora's Box

Part Time Pilots – Pandora’s Box

Part Time Pilots are a local band who have a cult following and, not only have two albums but, are continually impressing with their energetic live shows and catchy riffs. New single ‘Pandora’s Box’ is yet another notch in the belt for the band and, at this rate, it looks like there is no stopping them.

‘Pandora’s Box’ is almost a combination of hard hitting 80’s rock with a punk feel. It reminds me of very early Guns ‘N’ Roses in the sense that it has a very raw, in your face, feel to it.

Musically, it has catchy riffs, an excellent bass line and an excellent drumbeat accompanied by fantastic vocals that come from a well oiled machine.

Midway through the song however, as much as I was getting into it, I felt it lost direction. The guitar solo could’ve been moved to the middle of the track, rather than pretty much leaving the song awaiting a Part Two.

All in all, it was a solid song but it was like opening Pandora’s Box not knowing what you were going to get, and being left with a cliffhanger.

27 years old, keen music lover from a very young age. The atmosphere in live shows is always electric and the buzz that every fan feels when the performer or act hits the stage is just something you cannot feel whilst listening on a radio or iPod.