20 Jan, Wednesday
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Review: Chris Keys – Life in Motion

Debut album, Life in Motion by singer-songwriter Chris Keys is that neo-folk sound encapsulating bits of Americana, a little bit of country, a touch of blues, with the singer-songwriter steadfastly at the helm.

This rich, textured singing voice presents a prolific collection of tracks. The aura, a warm, summer evening. Starlit skies and fireflies amongst contemplations and reminiscences. Tender harmonies float in like a cool breeze on a warm night.

Ballads like New Day and Under the Streetlight, and City Lights are a tailor made fit for Keys’ vocals. City Lights also my own favorite.

Keys also displays his prowess with melody in gems like the exuberant Stronger, and blithe Fix It.

Enthusiasts of David Gray, Ben Glover, and Damien Rice will find Life in Motion an amiable addition to their playlists.

NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland