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Isobel Anderson - Chalk/Flint

Review: Isobel Anderson – Chalk/Flint

Ethereal and erudite, Chalk/Flint by Isobel Anderson delivers gripping lyrics via spellbinding vocals.

The perfect example of this dichotomy is the track 4284; melodically a ballad, but lyrically an anthem for women’s rights; both passionate and powerful.

A rather sophisticated collection of tracks with a few unexpected embellishments like, (Intro) and (Through the Arcade)

Flint-Shingle is the pearl of this compendium pairing otherworldly swaths of melody with wistful vocal delivery.

Motherchld another exceptional piece displaying raw emotion behind potent fragility.

Chalk/Flint is a book of sonic poetry to be read, listened to, and savored.

NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland