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Review: The Skids – Limelight, Belfast

On Saturday night punk legends, The Skids, brought their 40th anniversary tour to Belfast.  They hit the stage with the same vigorous passion they had 40 years ago.  The entire night was one big nostalgia-fest as the band certainly did not disappoint. 

The night kicked off with Belfast punk band, The Defects.  Formed in 1978, the guys were the perfect choice of support.  Their entire set screamed energy and angst as they played through an array of their tracks including “Hill Street”, “Metal Walls” and “Survivor”.

Limelight had well and truly packed out towards the end of The Defects’ set as everyone eagerly awaited our main headliners.  The guys opened their set with the fantastic “Animation” as the crowd went wild.  The first thing that sprung to my mind was these guys get on the same way they did in the late seventies.  Their liveliness was mirrored by the crowd as everyone stared in adoration to the punk legends.

Throughout the gig the band had great crowd interaction as they filled space with anecdotes and jokes.  It personalised the entire set as they appeared to be genuinely enjoying themselves as they belted out track after track, including “Into the Valley”.

The main highlight of the night was when we heard the well-known “I cried to my daddy on the telephone how long now?” before the renowned heavy drums and guitar kicked in.  Yes! It was time for “The Saints are Coming”.  Everyone went mad as we were jumping around and singing to, arguably, the bands most famous tracks.

From start to finish the entire night was that of perfection.  Every single band member worked fabulously with one another and their playing was flawless.  They came out on stage and treated the gig like it was 1979 again.  They proved to us why they are still relevant 40 years later and why we still love them.  It was a fantastic night for all whether you’ve been a fan from the beginning or, like me, you were born 20 years after they were releasing singles.

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Skids: Limelight Belfast 27-5-17

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