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4 Reasons Why Green Day Will Be Great

You’ll have the die-hard fans. Tickets will have been purchased. Tickets would have been sealed and left in a safe place. Countdown will have been placed on the phone, waiting for 28th June 2017. Weather will be getting researched. They may even become cloud formation experts on the day.

Regardless of what type of fan you are, this is not to be missed. Green Day, live at Ormeau Park, Belfast. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss it!

First Irish show in 8 years

Green Day previously visited Belfast in 2009 on the 21st Century Breakdown tour. They played at the Odyssey Arena (now the SSE Arena) and delighted fans with their impressive high-energy and usual precision musicianship – this for most was the first time they had witnessed the trio (let’s pretend) live before.

Now with a new album ‘Revolution Radio’ and previous offerings ‘Uno’, ‘Dos’, ‘Tres’ remembered (to some, forgotten), Green Day are back and set to wow all over again.

Expect the hits **setlist spoilers!

On the Revolution Radio tour the band have, of course, flirted with the new material – ‘Bang, Bang’ & ‘Revoluton Radio’ & ‘Still Breathing’ are all expected to make an appearance – but don’t forget, Green Day’s discography is full of fast-paced 2 or 3 minute wonders. Expect songs, and expect a lot of them.

On the band’s latest US tour, they smashed through 27 – yes, 27! – songs. From Kerpunk! to American Idiot, Armstrong, Dirnt & Mr Cool go through most of the singles so fans of ‘Longview’, ‘Waiting’ and ‘Hitchin’ A Ride’, don’t be disappointed. You’ll soon (hopefully!) be smiling in Belfast.

Green Day - previous setlist

Green Day - previous setlist


And if one international punk band isn’t enough for you, how about another? Californian kings of punk Rancid were confirmed as support when the show was announced and this had the majority hook, line and sinker.

They release new album ‘Troublemaker’ on the 9th June 2017 so expect to hear a new tune amongst the hits.

Outdoor show

This will be no doubt the making of a lifelong memory if the sun is out, the weather is fine and the craic is 90. The promoters, when announcing, described this show as an “open air concert, in the picturesque surroundings of Ormeau Park, [which] will boast fantastic staging and production, along with top class food and drink offerings”

The show is in the middle of Belsonic 2017 – and it’s going great – so there seems to be plenty  there to keep you entertained. If the music isn’t enough, eh?

Limited tickets remain for purchase – buy yours here.

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