19 Sep, Saturday
15° C

Full Moon Fever – Blakes of the Hollow, Enniskillen

On Saturday the 27th of May, Blakes of the Hollow in Enniskillen played host to ‘Full Moon Fever’ who I had been wanting to see live for some time. This is a band that collectively has many years of touring, performing and recording experience between them. In some incarnation or another, I have seen the individual members of the band perform live. I knew with just going on this knowledge that I would hard pressed not to be entertained.

Although the band’s set-list consisted of cover material, they market themselves as an event and function band, so cover material is what they would be typically playing in these aforementioned scenarios. The majority of band’s set consisted of Classic Rock with some Indie, Pop and Country thrown in for good measure. I was incredibly impressed by their cover of ‘Tainted Love’, which is a song that I rarely hear performed live. Gareth Jones took the helm and sang lead vocals for their cover of this song which really showcased the richness and depth present in his voice. While I was watching the band perform, a punter who was standing nearby turned to me and spoke to me off his love of the band. He had seen them previously and enjoyed them so much, he had to come back and see them again. Gareth Jones performed a lone cover of ‘Wonder Wall’ which brought more of the crowd ever closer to the front of the stage. He was even kind enough to allow a member of the crowd who must have been dared to do so, sing alongside him.

The band came back to the stage and performed a damn sexy cover of ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’. Ciaran Carson who sang lead vocals on this number was almost indistinguishable from Brian Johnson. This gave their rendition of the song an additional layer of authenticity and really drove home the point of the talent this band has. I have to also mention Ronan Curran who although was reliable and fantastic throughout the set performed a rocking rendition of Angus’ solo. For all off those modern country fans in the crowd, the band did a rendition of the ever popular ‘Wagon Wheel’. Gareth Jones and Ciaran Carson’s voices work extremely well in their self professed cheesy cover of the song. Their rendition of ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ was up-tempo compared to the original; this influx of energy really drove home the solid foundation of the band’s rhythm section. Paul Gallagher, the band’s drummer brought a nice swing and forward momentum with his snarl hit rhythms.

Speaking of the rhythm section; another example of their fine work was evident during their cover of ‘Get Lucky’ which was as a whole fantastic. Charles’ bass was loud and locked in beautifully with the drums; it was that good, I could feel it reverberate in my chest. They even snuck in a small snippet of ‘Robot Rock’ which was fantastic to hear. When the ‘Summer of ‘69’ riff started to play, it was another call to arms for the crowd to congregate towards the front of the stage. This was another excellent rendition of another classic song and was evidently a crowd pleaser. The band finished their set with ‘500 miles’ with the crowd literally howling for more; and what band worth their salt is not. An encore ensued; after a cracking rendition of ‘Johnny B. Good’, the band concluded their set with ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ which acted like Dutch courage and brought out the inner vocalists of the crowd who congregated in front of the band and sang in unison, arm in arm.

Full Moon Fever markets themselves as a band that can cater for all occasions; be it a gig at a bar on a Saturday night, an upscale wedding. They present themselves from the outset as professionals; from their set list, to their attire and their attitude. They were suited, booted and ready for action. The crowd consisted of a wide range of people, all ages, male and female, grey hair or lack of hair. From what I witnessed, those in attendance had an appreciation for great music. There was something in the band’s set list for everyone in attendance. The night came to an end with the crowd howling; they came down with a bad case of Full Moon Fever and the only remedy is to go see them at their next gig. I might not be a doctor, but you can trust me on that one.