05 Dec, Saturday
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Review: Wyvern Lingo- I Love You Sadie

Wicklow trio Wyvern Lingo have released the track ‘I Love You, Sadie’ from their upcoming debut album. The band have described the track as being about “loving the feminine qualities of a man, and about encouraging him not to worry about fitting into the male stereotype.”

The band started off with an indie/folk twist of music but have smoothly made a transition into R&B, which works extremely well. From the very beginning, the melody is infectious, making you want to listen to the very end.

The lead vocals from Caoimhe Barry are strong, whilst the harmonies, from Saoirse Duane and Karen Cowley, add volume and character to the song.  From beginning to end, this song is confident and sure.  To make such a bold change to their sound, Wyvern Lingo have definitely made a decision that has paid off.

The band have managed to produce a song that is fun and catchy, right in time for festival season.  This song is definitely going to be played in beer gardens and backyard BBQ’s across the country this summer.

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