02 Jul, Thursday
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Hello Casanova

Review: Hello Casanova- I Am A Machine

Armagh pop-punk band ‘Hello Casanova’ are back with their brand new single ‘I Am A Machine’.  Previously known as ‘Foreign Affairs’, the band re-vamp has seen the guys ease up on the political overtones of previous songs and produce a fantastic pop-punk anthem.

The song starts off with an upbeat riff which automatically hooks the listener.  The vibe remains infectious as the song progresses into a short but extremely catchy chorus. Following the second verse the band lead into a serious of crashing drums and lively riffs which will have you moving along.  It’s extremely catchy, managing to combine elements of pop and rock and is the perfect sound for radio play.

If this new song is anything to go by, Hello Casanova are a band that you will more than likely hear more of over the next few months.  I’m hoping for live gigs soon as these guys are a band to watch! Go check out ‘I Am A Machine’ for yourselves. You will not be disappointed.

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