20 Sep, Sunday
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Review: Aidan Logan – Turbulence

Belfast born, singer/ songwriter Aidan Logan launches his second EP ‘Turbulence’, and wow it doesn’t disappoint. Aidan’s latest EP includes four tracks; Turbulence, Higher, Falling, Seems You Better Go and I’m telling you now if you haven’t checked them out do it … do it now!

Beginning strong with ‘Turbulence’ (my favourite) you can hear the pop / country sound thanks to his early influences like Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift and Kris Kristofferson. As a lover of county music, this soft country melody sounds fresh and current and defiantly appeals to all ages.

Higher’ has a faster tempo and has more of a pop sound than the first track. With great use of percussion you cannot help but at least tap your foot to this track. I do particularly love that Aidan finds time to incorporate a tambourine into this track, as a lot of musicians tend to forget about this classic, seeing it as an instrument of the past.

Rob McNamara from Golden Plec sums up this EP “There’s no gimmicks, no style stunts, no image peddling, just songs – and bloody good ones at that.” and he’s not wrong there, I couldn’t of said it better myself. 😉

There is something special about listening to an album for the first time or listening to live music. The thing I love even better ... writing about it with a cuppa beside me.