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Buffalos Bay - Living Under the Reef

Review: Buffalos Bay – Living Under the Reef

I had to go back, I mean way back to find a proper comparison for Buffalos Bay – their recently released EP, Living Under the Reef. Though I had to dig deep the sound was undeniably influenced by 60’s pop, and thereby held a friendly familiarity to it.

Even if these sounds of old are before your time, it’s easy to welcome them as a long lost friend. These lads from Belfast have channeled fairly noteworthy 60’s pop icons.

There’s the cartoonish fun of The Archies particularly on the bouncy track Early Morning Fry. In the Factory would fit nicely on a playlist between The Beatles’ Penny Lane, and The Who’s Happy Jack. Weeping Onion, an enchanting little charmer is my personal favorite.

The distinct vocals brings to mind the pure full-strength vocals of early Hollies-days Graham Nash. What distinguishes this group among the likes of The Hollies is; well, yes that distinctive voice, but what makes them special, so special we’ve gone from 1962 to 2017, is the transcendent harmonies.

The proficient guitar work is the linchpin between the sounds of the past and styles of the present. This fresh take on tried and true methods is a delightful change from the norm. Well, maybe not so much a change but a welcome return.


NI Music Editor, Gigging Northern Ireland