01 Oct, Thursday
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Surf Green - Real Friends

Review: Surf Green – Real Friends

Surf Green, a punk rock band based in Belfast have just released their new EP Real Friends. Together since March 2016,  Martin Harris on vocals and guitar, Iwan Hynds on backing vocals and bass, and Leo Waterfield on backing vocals and drums pride themselves on creating tracks that take odd turns when you least expect. This EP fuses a manic variety of genres, tempos, pitches and effective abrupt endings.

“Can’t Stand”, the third song on the EP begins with a soft intro. As we get deeper into the song and arrive at the chorus the both pitch and tempo rise. With a heavy focus on percussion, this song would have everybody’s toes tapping by the end.

Listening to “Part Two” you can really hear the rock influences with screaming, heavy guitar and fast tempo this song certainly screams punk rock.

If I could have a favourite song “Sweet Nothings” – number 2 on the EP – would be it. You can’t help but appreciate the contrasting tempos that give this song depth. (Also, the bass in this song just makes me very happy.)

Surf Green may only be together over a year, however, that is definitely not evident in their music. These guys sound like they have years of experience making music together and long may they continue.

There is something special about listening to an album for the first time or listening to live music. The thing I love even better ... writing about it with a cuppa beside me.