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Rebekah Fitch - Not Myself

Review: Rebekah Fitch- Not Myself

The talented Belfast based Rebekah Fitch is quickly becoming a well known name on the Northern Ireland music circuit.  Having played many shows and festivals throughout the summer such as Moira Calling, Stendhal and Culture Night, the pop singer is back with a brand new single ‘Not Myself’. 

Fitch is well known for her ability to create thought provoking lyrics which challenges the listener to think about the message she is putting across. For this single the message explores the confusion of being inside a broken mind and essentially drawing light onto issues such as mental health. Yet the song does not go down the melancholic root as expected. Instead Fitch borrows similar sounds from her influences such Florence and the Machine and enters into an electronic flow that automatically draws the listener in. At the same time, the song is underpinned by soft piano, lingering drums and haunting vocal tones keeping true to the purpose of the song, before building up to powerful chorus. Through the vocal range and contrast of melodies, Fitch portrays the feelings of hysteria, confusion, pain and loss.

It is incredibly clear that Rebekah Fitch is an artist that only betters herself with each single she releases. Incredible vocals along with her natural flair to produce high standard pop compositions will take Rebekah Fitch from strength to strength.

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