Review: Rosborough – Burn Blue

Derry-born Glenn Rosborough is no newbie on the Northern Irish music scene, but the new single Burn Blue released this week is his first offering in the incarnation that is simply ‘Rosborough’. He has always cited an eclectic mix of influences and that past steeped in music has clearly been time well spent as it’s resulted in his developing a compellingly seductive sound of his own.

Burn Blue is a gorgeously melodic track. The understated, atmospheric opening is reminiscent of Wild is the Wind era Bowie, exhibiting the controlled precision of his versatile vocals. The chorus has hints of Lloyd Cole at his best.

Throughout the song the incredible range that Rosborough demonstrates is impressive; that voice is a powerful instrument. The accompanying video is exactly what you want for this track. It’s a performance video; understated, no distractions from the music, just Rosborough and his guitar with suitably subdued lighting.

This song is bound to get loads of airplay as it is fantastically radio friendly but this is no throwaway pop ditty, it’s a great tune which bodes well for the highly anticipated album that is due out next year.