24 Feb, Monday
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Trucker Diablo – Fighting For Everything

The big truck rolled into town again with the hard-hitting, no holds-barred Fighting for Everything after yet another successful Pledge campaign proving the undeniable loyalty from fans throughout the country.

Opening track ‘Born Trucker’ is the anthem made for Trucker fans with delicious riffs and a chorus to rival past hits. Tracks like ‘We Will Conquer All’ meander off into curvy solos which will delight rock and metal fans while “Voodoo II” nods to another classic while cementing its place in future setlists.

Frontman Tom Harte’s vocals remain on point with his trademark rasp and songwriting skills without question on this record. Album after album, Trucker Diablo never disappoint. “We’ll Just Ride” is another example of expert craftswork – “How can we move on when you can’t stop looking back?” Notable songs also include “Drown In The Fire” and “Pocket Full of Changes,” as solid as ever.

One of my favourites is “Detroit Steel”, an elegant construction of deep and tantalising basslines and smooth melodies laid upon the solid structure of another Trucker Diablo track that you can imagine 20,000 people singing back to you.

A sequel on par with past successes with its own spin on southern rock,  a light toast to new sounds but as dirty and tasty as ever. Next stop coming up.

Listen to:  We Will Conquer All / Detroit Steel

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