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Review: Lauren Bird – I Wonder

Lauren Bird has undoubtedly cemented herself as one of the many gems that Northern Irish music has to offer.  She recently released her debut album The Inbetween; the single I Wonder is one of the many tracks.

This single has the ability to make even the toughest of listeners get a little emotional whilst listening. The lyrics are so emotive and no doubt resurface feelings that we have all experienced at one point in our lives.

The simplistic instrumental background alongside the string and piano sequences accompany Lauren’s voice beautifully but they do not take centre stage – the vocals and lyrics are truly the focal point of this track.

I Wonder is definitely one song that you’ll be listening to over and over. Just make sure you have a box of tissues nearby, just in case.

London girl in Belfast. I was born to live in the Seventies and I am obsessed with Stevie Nicks.