11 Aug, Tuesday
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Review: Sonja Sleator – Adams

Sonja Sleator’s second EP Adams has those 90s vibes we all love to hear with hints of Fleetwood Mac and Joni Mitchell. There isn’t an exact genre that can be pinpointed and its more an amalgamation of a number of musical influences.

The EP kicks off with “Pour the Vodka”. Immediately the lyrics of this track jump out at me. Sonja’s vocals and lyricism takes the forefront here as we delve into a journey of drinking and lost love. The raw emotion throughout is hard to deny and immediately sucks you into Adams.

Next we have a change in tone with “Calla” and “Mia”. These tracks are more upbeat and sing along worthy but still stay very true to the beautiful lyricism that was established with “Pour the Vodka”. “Mia”, especially, is very reminiscent of Counting Crows and will definitely be stuck in your head once you’ve had a listen.

Moving onto “Mistake On My Part” we have very mellow and chilled vibes with acoustic guitar and harmonies in the background. Adams pacing is very cleverly put together as it flows from track to track and doesn’t disjoint the listener; despite some songs being quite different to one another.

The fifth track “Murder” follows the mellow tone from its predecessor but is a bit darker in both lyrics and instrumentally. The guitar throughout this track is standout and creates an almost gothic feel to it at points.

The final track allows the EP to do a full circle as “Cambria Moon” is similar in feel to “Pour the Vodka” but has a larger grandeur about it. The instrumental effects give it a mystical feel. Accompany this with the sublime lyrics that have become synonymous with Sonja and we have a fabulous end to a beautifully flowing and incredibly polished EP.

London girl in Belfast. I was born to live in the Seventies and I am obsessed with Stevie Nicks.