Life Under The Big Top

Review: Life Under The Big Top – Passing Strangers

The latest release from the Belfast pop-punk outfit Life Under The Big Top offers a classic pop-punk sound complemented with nostalgic and reflective lyrics. The track ‘Passing Strangers (In The Street)’ offers us a glimpse at the band’s upcoming debut EP which is currently in production.

The reminiscent nature of the lyrics, reflecting on a friendship that has been and gone, work brilliantly when coupled with the instrumentals, clearly drawing influence from some of the great pop-punk bands, with both elements of new-wave and classic coming to the fore in the band’s songwriting.

The release has everything you would look for in a pop punk track. The vocals fit the mood of the track perfectly, and the chorus sounds massively anthemic and atmospheric.

With work on a debut EP well under way, it is inevitable that Life Under The Big Top will make strides within the local music scene very soon.